Bridging Gender Gaps: Perth's Female Programmers

Perth{web}Girls is a workshop program hosted by the Spacecubed offices, which for three years has been aiming to counteract gender bias in the tech industry.            

Perthwebgirsl thumbnail.png

The initiative is part of a global movement by RailsGirls and Django Girls which teaches coding basics to female beginners.

Spacecubed events manager Kate Kirwin said “The motivation to start was to level the playing field in the tech industry for women.”

“To provide more opportunities for women to engage with, learn from and progress in terms of employment in the Tech Space.

“For me personally, I love learning how things work and tinkering with coding was a curiosity! But its so hard to learn by yourself when you don’t know what you are doing, and there’s no support around you,” Ms Kirwin said.

“I love that the women who come to Perth{web}Girls can learn from each other and help each other along the way - its really beautiful.”

The program has had success with over 100 women registering for each session.

Caris Jalla, who has worked in the disability and health sector for over eight years, commented on the events’ Facebook page expressing her interest.

She is currently working on her own tech company project, Care Collective, aiming to help people with disabilities find support and services.

She saw Perth{web}Girls as a means of learning the programming language to “better communicate and understand” her developers.

When asked about her opinion on events like this she said “I think there is a general shift where stereotypes are being challenged.”

The workshops are carried out by mentors from the Perth community including members of Fenders, Ruby, Django, and the Spacecubed community, as well as professional developers.

“Our program will continue to grow providing opportunities and aiming at running in more longevity - more events more often would be the best outcome for us at this stage,” Ms Kirwin said.