Tim Hammond Press Release

Newly elected Federal Member for the seat of Perth said innovation is about creating opportunities for people to transition into new jobs.

Tim Hammond the ALP’s Shadow Assistant Minister for Startups and Innovation said in 20 years 40 per cent of jobs won’t exist due to technological advancement, globalisation and digital disruption.

He said he refuse to believe that the community should accept the situation and rather seize the current levels of profit.

“Here’s what I want to do and it’s simple,” he said “We need to come up with way to skill our community to transition so there is no net job loss.”

“We’ve got to be brave enough and honest enough that there has got to be a new way of learning and skilling up kids and workers as they transition from old to new, and come up with a way to encourage and invest in new technology, to encourage new jobs,” he said.

University of Notre Dame Fremantle professor of Journalisms Mignon Shardlow said she agrees with Mr Hammond because no matter what skills students develop early on they will have to continue to develop throughout their lives.

“It is projected that graduates from today will have seven to nine different careers throughout their lives,” she said “What we as educators do is prepare students for change, to be lifelong learners.”

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