Story  Collections

This is a quick overview to the different collections of stories I have fervently worked on over the years.  


Australia & more

This was a series of stories collected as part of my internship with the Centre for Stories in Northbridge.

Australian and more explores the dissonance and delights of an individual straddling two cultures in Western Australia’s current social atmosphere. This series of five stories shares perspectives of people with Chinese, Malaysian, South African-Indian and Iraqi heritage. The Centre for Stories believes that sharing diverse perspectives is essential to creating a cohesive and empathetic society.

Discuss This

The world is a complicated place with a lot of problems. Some we discuss and do something about, some we over-discuss and do nothing about and others we don't event bring up in conversation (why?). Here are a few topics that probably fit in one of the above categories, maybe check them out when you run out of conversation subjects ... or just for 'fun' reading.


Meet Them

Selection of stories and profiles about the people of the city of Perth - who inspire the people around them and work to influence their environment.

Go There

Want to find something interesting to do in the city and its surroundings? Want to find an unknown place to the mainstream crowd, a niche location, something different and possibly new? Check out profiles and feature articles on these locations; whether that be in the form of a political profile on an electorate or a cute centre aiming to spread the joys and complexities of storytelling.